Feature Requests

Issues on the NFT Marketplace
1- It is very difficult to find the profile section for a new user. First, you need to click on the wallet in the interface and then "View NFT Profile". A "Profile" tab can be added next to the "Explore and Create" tabs. 2- NFT txs are not available in Transactions section. It is very difficult for users who do not know how to use Block Explorer to check their past transactions. 3- The listing processing fee is too high. The last time I made a listing, I gave 32 CSPRs, now 48 CSPRs appear. It keeps around 0.7 CSPR for the Mint function. As I understand it, it is a transaction fee due to the optimization of the "List" function. 4- Although I made my last listing as CSPR, the payment received when it was sold came as WCSPR. Since I did not realize this, I tried to accept another offer. So the transaction failed and I paid too much fee for nothing. 5- The collection creation fee(270 CSPR) and the NFT minting fee(7 CSPR) are not specified anywhere. When it comes to wallet approval, it has to be checked from there, but not everyone pays attention to this while confirming the wallet. People can complain about it. At least, a discription can be written under the "Create New Item", "Create Collection". Apart from these, the friendly market is the first and most powerful project of the casper ecosystem. Congratulations (By the way, new NFT marketplaces are putting a lot of emphasis on NFT lending. I hope we will have the opportunity of NFT lending in the Friendly Market in the future :)
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